Pretty Patterned Wallpaper

I am probably pretty predictable with my pattern preferences (say that 10 times quickly!), so it’s  no surprise that I adore this wallpaper.   And the stairs.  I just love the darkly stained worn or chiselled softness of the tread and the painted white riser.  I’ ve had this image stored on my computer for ages but of course sourcing web photos is not my strong point.   I must get better at it so I can share more images.  However, I managed to figure out that this paper is part of Les Indiennes Collection for IVM Prints.

Don’t be surprised at the absence of pink or blue.  Yes I’m instinctively drawn to colour (okay, pink and blue), I find it joyful and uplifting,  but I also love lots of white and touches of black, and brown.  I find them grounding and soothing.  It’s just that I don’t tend to use them exclusively.  In this case  I’d make an exception.


  • Karen

    Pinterest is the answer to all your sourcing problems! I can’t believe you are not already addicted!

  • Jenny

    I do have a pinterest account, if that’s what you call it. Must remember to use Pinterest more … I have read some bloggers complaining about Pinterest because of the sourcing issue btw.