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I recently had the pleasure of taking part in Flowers, an art exhibition of flower paintings, at Black and Spiro here in Brisbane. Like everything Anna and the girls at Black and Spiro do, the opening was a charming and gorgeous affair. Fresh flowers were plentiful, the champagne was flowing and the pianist was in full swing. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the evening to share but I went back the next day with my camera to capture these.


flowersexhibition 034blog

Seeing my name on the door along with these wonderful artists was such a surprise and a thrill …



This corner is probably my favourite.  I’m in love with the chartruese sofa and the picture wall – that’s my hibiscus painting!



Purple Bougainvillea  – still available …


flowersexhibition 005a

I’ve sold all three of mine in this corner, the two on the right wall and the middle one on the left.


flowersexhibition 010a

Spring Ranunculus is sold too.



The top three are mine, and the black one, Winter Bouquet II is still for sale.  I wouldn’t be sad to have it come home to be honest, but if you’re interested, you can pop in to Black and Spiro or call on 07 32543000.  The exhibition is officially over but there are still a few available paintings in store.

The Family Love Tree

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With a name like that, whatever it is, you know you’re gonna love it.   Particularly if you’re a sucker for cane, colour and textiles like I am.   Just so you know – I bags the turquoise cane bed table below.

photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files

Read more about The Family Love Tree  at The Design Files, and to see more of the stunning collection visit The Family Love Tree website where you can shop at their online store.  What more could you possibly want?

Pretty Patterned Wallpaper

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I am probably pretty predictable with my pattern preferences (say that 10 times quickly!), so it’s  no surprise that I adore this wallpaper.   And the stairs.  I just love the darkly stained worn or chiselled softness of the tread and the painted white riser.  I’ ve had this image stored on my computer for ages but of course sourcing web photos is not my strong point.   I must get better at it so I can share more images.  However, I managed to figure out that this paper is part of Les Indiennes Collection for IVM Prints.

Don’t be surprised at the absence of pink or blue.  Yes I’m instinctively drawn to colour (okay, pink and blue), I find it joyful and uplifting,  but I also love lots of white and touches of black, and brown.  I find them grounding and soothing.  It’s just that I don’t tend to use them exclusively.  In this case  I’d make an exception.



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In case you haven’t heard, my friend Jane’s new online store Velvet Lane is up and running here.   This is just one of the to-die-for, one-off pieces in the furniture collection.  Do you love it?  Me too.  Velvet Lane is about high quality designer fashion – 36 collections in total,  cutting edge art and furniture, home ware and luxury items.  Douglas and Hope,  Megan Park cushions,  Pedro Garcia shoes, Juliette Has a Gun fragrance, and much much more.

It’s a gorgeous site – easy to navigate, inspiring design, eye candy galore.  There’s  lots to lust after.

Remember, you saw it first at My Pink Door.

 (photos by Megan Cook)


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Images: The Design Files

It’s so long since I last posted that I almost forget how.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever do it again to be honest,  but here I am.  Inspired by the work of Australian artist Pia Blair, I just had to share.   I’d seen some photos of her work lately but couldn’t pin down the source or artist, so was delighted this morning when I stumbled upon this feature on Design Files.

Apart from the fact that they are gorgeous, aren’t these artworks so much fun?  Pia lives in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, lucky woman, and has recently resigned from her full time job as art teacher to concentrate on her art.  She explores the city on her motorbike sourcing goodies for her works, and it sounds like she is having some serious fun.  Read more on her blog.

I’ve been doing a few collages lately, very basic mind you, as part of the design course I’m studying and it. is. so. much. fun.  If I could tear pictures out of magazines and stick them on paper all day long, I would.

Fun. There should be more of it.

Birthday joy!

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I received these beautiful note books in the mail recently as a birthday present from my dear friend Jennifer. I was overjoyed. Apart from the fact that they are so gorgeous, it’s extra special to receive something handmade with love.

Jennifer is a talented surface designer and quilter. For as long as I have known her (nearly thirty years) she has been creating beautiful and inspiring things. These days she works from her studio on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, in Canada, where I would love to be hanging out. Why do my special friends live so far away?

The passing of time

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Last weekend the teenager decided it was time for a new look and removed all traces of childhood from his bedroom. Fair enough, he’s a teenager. But how could he get rid of these precious things – his first shoes, a photo of him as a baby with his brothers, and a painting he did years ago when we were holidaying at the beach? In the blink of an eye as it turned out.

Actually I’m rather pleased about this turn of events. His loss is my gain. The lovely painting is now sitting on top of the white meat safe in the living room and I think it looks rather fabulous.

Don’t you?

Monday joy

November 14th, 2011 — 9:01pm, 6 comments »

How was your weekend?  Mine was  very productive.   Among other things, I finished this painting.   I had to, we needed the living room back.  I didn’t think I would keep this one, but it actually looks perfect in the entrance hallway.  I was inspired by this phot0 which you may have seen a month ago.  A very loose representation …

Nothing beats being creative.  And it’s especially nice when you like the finished product.