Interiors Photo Month, day 14

July 14th, 2012 — 4:00pm, Comment »


I’m rather proud of myself.  After a rocky start, my iPhone has cooperated, and I now have joined the Interiors Photo a Day on Instagram.  This means that after today I won’t be continuing the challenge here at my blog, but you can follow me on Instagram, where my user name is mypinkdoor.   It’ll be much more fun – there are lots of other interior mad people sharing their snaps – and remember, so can you.  I’ll see you there …

Interiors photo month, day 12

July 12th, 2012 — 5:42pm, Comment »

OK, I am totally cheating today.  The weather is miserable and lighting so poor that I had no luck at all with the photos I took.   I did try!  I figured the next best thing was to post a photo of my home, even if I didn’t take it today.  Even better, this one covers both topics for today, Old and Bargain (Bargain is actually day 3,  but I’m making up for lost time remember).  I think it’s French but I bought this canister at a little antique shop in Ireland, so it better be old, and yes, it was a bargain, I think.

​Old, Bargain


July – Interiors photo month

July 10th, 2012 — 11:23am, Comment »

Today I’m joining this photo a day challenge. I read about this fun idea, adapted by Jen Bishop at Interiors addict,  at Kara Rosenlund’s blog.    And I’m adapting it a bit further.  The original idea is that you take a shot of whatever is listed for that day of the month, and share it on instagram.  Firstly, I’m late, (if you too can hear my sons growling, ‘what’s new?’, just ignore them), so I will start at no 10 (it’s 10 July) but I’ll also take a photo of no 1.  I’ll double up daily until I catch up. Make sense?  Secondly, I have already wasted so much time trying to figure out instagram (yes, I am challenged in certain areas, but don’t get my sons started on that …) that I’m going to post my photos on My Pink Door.  Thirdly, I think I’ll take the photos with my camera not my phone as I really need the practice.  My camera is a little dusty.

What about you?  Think this would be fun? Well then, do join in!

Day 10. Books

Day 1. Coffee table

If a picture says a thousand words, do you think this says ‘de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter’ over and over again?  Could it also be saying ‘paint me white’?

Family Photos – Part 1

August 27th, 2010 — 2:14am, 4 comments »

I do love a photo wall – don’t you?   This is my ‘old family’ wall – well part of it – being in the stairwell it’s  hard to photograph.  Being in the stairwell, it was also darn tricky to hang!  Not for the faint hearted – or those with creaky knees …

I will give you more on the photo wall next week – including a few close ups.  See you then!

Manual labour

August 16th, 2010 — 6:02pm, 4 comments »

I had a lot of fun on the weekend doing my favourite thing – moving around the furniture (well I instructed while the men in the house actually did the labour) and rearranging bits and pieces here and there … I’m really pleased with the results, which isn’t always the case. Quite often it all gets moved right back where it came from. Surprisingly, my husband is very patient with this – just as well.

In fact, not only did I leave things in their new possies (for now) but I took some photos to show you – in manual. Yes, I too engaged in manual labour on the weekend, and labour it was. Boy is it hard work figuring out shutter, aperture and white light, plus maneuvering the tripod. So tempting to switch back to auto…

Anyway, it’s all about learning a new skill and I’m sure I’ll get better. And to be honest, I’m tickled pink that I even know a little bit about shutter, aperture and white light. I’ll keep going to class.