July – Interiors photo month

Today I’m joining this photo a day challenge. I read about this fun idea, adapted by Jen Bishop at Interiors addict,  at Kara Rosenlund’s blog.    And I’m adapting it a bit further.  The original idea is that you take a shot of whatever is listed for that day of the month, and share it on instagram.  Firstly, I’m late, (if you too can hear my sons growling, ‘what’s new?’, just ignore them), so I will start at no 10 (it’s 10 July) but I’ll also take a photo of no 1.  I’ll double up daily until I catch up. Make sense?  Secondly, I have already wasted so much time trying to figure out instagram (yes, I am challenged in certain areas, but don’t get my sons started on that …) that I’m going to post my photos on My Pink Door.  Thirdly, I think I’ll take the photos with my camera not my phone as I really need the practice.  My camera is a little dusty.

What about you?  Think this would be fun? Well then, do join in!

Day 10. Books

Day 1. Coffee table

If a picture says a thousand words, do you think this says ‘de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter’ over and over again?  Could it also be saying ‘paint me white’?