June 6th, 2012 — 9:44am, 5 comments »

Images: The Design Files

It’s so long since I last posted that I almost forget how.  I wasn’t sure I’d ever do it again to be honest,  but here I am.  Inspired by the work of Australian artist Pia Blair, I just had to share.   I’d seen some photos of her work lately but couldn’t pin down the source or artist, so was delighted this morning when I stumbled upon this feature on Design Files.

Apart from the fact that they are gorgeous, aren’t these artworks so much fun?  Pia lives in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, lucky woman, and has recently resigned from her full time job as art teacher to concentrate on her art.  She explores the city on her motorbike sourcing goodies for her works, and it sounds like she is having some serious fun.  Read more on her blog.

I’ve been doing a few collages lately, very basic mind you, as part of the design course I’m studying and it. is. so. much. fun.  If I could tear pictures out of magazines and stick them on paper all day long, I would.

Fun. There should be more of it.