True love – for Eijffinger

July 18th, 2012 — 5:07pm, 7 comments »

I would have posted before now but I’ve been a little busy, alright, obsessed with Instagram.  Sooo distracting, but so much fun.  Have you checked out the Interiors Photo Month challenge yet?  Do.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to share more wallpaper favourites.  You may remember back in 2010 I wallpapered my loo with a stunning floral pattern called Bindi from the Eijffinger range.  And I can honestly say that apart from my initial apprehension, it has brought a smile to my face every day, in fact, several times a day.  I just love it.  Especially with my little blue cupboard hanging on the wall.  This photos does it no justice.

But I love so many of the papers in the Eiffinger range.  In fact ‘love’ doesn’t’ really explain the depth of my feeling.  And it’s not just the wall paper, it’s the styling generally.   I drool over every single vignette/image.  Here are just some of my favourites…

Are you in love too?

A catch up

November 7th, 2011 — 1:11pm, 1 comment »

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, blogging and otherwise …  I don’t think I ever did share a few  ‘new’ additions to the study nook/dining area.  Study nook – ha – sounds good – but that’s  really stretching the truth  – a lot.  It is true that this is where the teenager spends much of his time on the computer.  Alas, I don’t think he’s doing much study,  unless of course he’s majoring in computer gaming.

Firstly, is the little black and white ‘french’  desk I picked up at the local antique/collectibles centre.  Perfect fit, I like.  Next, harder to see, is the wooden horse head to the left.  Not something I would have imagined hanging on my wall, but I absolutely love it.  I found it my Dad’s shed, during their recent move.  It was made by my Dad’s Uncle Wayne, who died as a teenager,  when he was a boy growing up in rural Pennsylvania.  Apparently my Dad had it hanging on his bedroom wall as a kid.   It is so familiar to me, and is so special now that I know it’s history.  It belongs.

Finally, is the blue bench  – I can’t resist anything that colour – to the right.  Not that it’s in that spot anymore.  It moves around a bit.

In other news, I am totally intoxicated by the scent of gardenias.  Is there anything as divine?

And am listening to Sarah Jarosz‘s new album Follow me Down again and again …  only 19 years old!

The style queen

May 4th, 2011 — 5:55pm, 3 comments »

and stylist extraordinaire.  I am so excited to see my friend Jane’s home featured today on The Design Files.  I know you’ll want to go there to have a look, but here’s a little preview.

photos by Peta Rudd, The Design Files

Isn’t it amazing?  It’s a home with colour, compassion, courage and heart. Just like Jane.

She also has the fashion boutique Pink Inc in Canberra, situated in the very hip Lonsdale Street, Braddon.  You should visit if you can.  Send her my love and tell her I hope to pop down soon.  You could also say hello here.

PS   I said I was over decorating, not over other people decorating…

This could be it …

May 2nd, 2011 — 7:43pm, 5 comments »

Just thought I’d share my latest treasures, they could be my last.  This time I mean it.  I think I might be tired of decorating. I know, very odd.  I must be sick and will probably be back to my normal self soon. However, I bought the latest Vogue Living on Thursday and haven’t even opened it?  Friday I got terribly excited and raced in to look at/buy one of those gorgeous cockatoo lamps I saw on the latest Black and Spiro post, but left empty handed.  I  realised I had no where to put it.   When did that matter?

So, before I care even less, take a look at this cute little table from the local nursery/antique shop/cafe. I am glad I saw it before I got over homewares because it does add a little je ne sais quoi to my living room.  Non?

See those leaves?  Here’s another angle so you can appreciate it’s full cuteness…

Now for that essential piece, the wall vase, in pink. And you know, I almost didn’t buy it. ‘How many pink things can you have?’ I did ask myself. Clearly not enough. Seriously, how adorable is it? If you look closely you can see the teenager’s growth chart pencilled on the wall.

And because I was running out of room in the house for other pink things and non essentials,  I recently picked up this cupboard which looked better in the shop than it does on my verandah.  But it does the trick…

It’s time to stop don’t you think?

Never say never – to trash and treasure

March 25th, 2011 — 4:31pm, 5 comments »

Last week I was going to out myself as a junkaholic, set up a support group and swear off  collectibles forever.    Good thing I didn’t, because on the weekend, I found some beauties.

How cute is this little cupboard?

Not just cute, it’s also practical!  That’s always a bonus.  I’ve put spices in it for now but think I might make it the tea and sugar cupboard as it sits above the kettle.  I would zoom out to show you where the cupboard sits in the kitchen but maybe another day, the kitchen’s a mess.  I want to be ‘real’ here at My Pink Door, but …  Some things are best not shared.

I did leave it real in the bedroom  though (unmade bed – well it is 4.00pm – too late to make it today!) where you can see my other little treasure.  The light is better in here than in the guest bedroom where I’ll use it as a desk chair.

I just love that this chair is painted black and white – too perfect.

How about you – any good finds lately?