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I recently had the pleasure of taking part in Flowers, an art exhibition of flower paintings, at Black and Spiro here in Brisbane. Like everything Anna and the girls at Black and Spiro do, the opening was a charming and gorgeous affair. Fresh flowers were plentiful, the champagne was flowing and the pianist was in full swing. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the evening to share but I went back the next day with my camera to capture these.


flowersexhibition 034blog

Seeing my name on the door along with these wonderful artists was such a surprise and a thrill …



This corner is probably my favourite.  I’m in love with the chartruese sofa and the picture wall – that’s my hibiscus painting!



Purple Bougainvillea  – still available …


flowersexhibition 005a

I’ve sold all three of mine in this corner, the two on the right wall and the middle one on the left.


flowersexhibition 010a

Spring Ranunculus is sold too.



The top three are mine, and the black one, Winter Bouquet II is still for sale.  I wouldn’t be sad to have it come home to be honest, but if you’re interested, you can pop in to Black and Spiro or call on 07 32543000.  The exhibition is officially over but there are still a few available paintings in store.


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I don’t think I’ve shared with you my latest decorating ‘thing’  – indoor plants.  I know, I’m surprised too, but it just came to me.  I needed some greenery.  I had decided to resist collecting more ‘stuff’ but I don’t think plants count.  They help us breathe, they’re essential to our well being.

And so are floral prints.  Don’t you feel better already?

Something from the garden

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While I would never complain about flowers from any source in my home, I have to say I get the most pleasure out of ones I pick myself, and sometimes even from my own garden. Nothing much is blooming here at the moment, but foliage is lovely too don’t you think? And it lasts longer. 

What is it about picking flowers, leaves, fronds, pods or anything that grows that is so satisfying?  I felt ridiculously happy collecting these bits and pieces from my garden and they didn’t even smell particularly good.  Maybe – and I wouldn’t want to take this too far – there is something intrinsically gratifying about ‘making do’, being self sufficient.  Maybe it’s the delight in looking a little harder, refocusing to find beauty and pleasure in the ordinary. Whatever it is – I love it – and I’m not the only one.  The other day I read that Nanette from Rummage was so excited with her flower picking that she forgot to take her socks off while showering.  Not surprising.   She has a lot to be excited about.  Nannette grows the most beautiful flowers in her Canberra garden, she even knows their names (at least most of the time), and creates joyful arrangements she is keen to share.  To see flowers that are anything but ordinary, visit her here and while you’re there make sure you have a good look around.