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On Sunday Mum, my sister Jess and I attended the Brisbane opening of SCARF – contemporary shaped resist dyed scarves, shawls and wraps - an exhibition of works by members of World Shibori Network Australia and New Zealand – at Gallery 159, The Gap.  Do you know Shibori?  The title pretty much explains it - think tie dye – but on a whole other level.   It’d be  hard to escape Shibori in this family. When I arrived yesterday to visit my folks, I was met at the front door by a dye bath – which I had to convince the dog was not a suitable beverage  and this morning when I went to use the bathroom sink - as one does –  it was filled with dye and yarn.  Enough said.  The end results however are pretty amazing  – it’s alchemy.  In fact a highlight of one of Mum’s Indian textile tours a few years ago, was the visit to the home/studio of  international  Shibori master Ali Mohammed Isha in Bhuj, Gujurat.  We were totally mesmerised by his magic and came away with enough scarves and wraps to open a shop.

Anyway we got to use a few of those scarves on Sunday.  Everyone who wore Shibori was eligible for a ticket in the  lucky door prize, and I don’t think anyone didn’t wear Shibori.  What fun!  It was an exquisite exhibition – just to dye for (I had to say it once!).  And I don’t just mean the pieces on the wall.  The people looked fabulous too.   It was a visual feast.  A very civilized (read: champagne was served)  affair.

You can’t see Jess’s scarf here but it was stylishly tied to her handbag.

Do you think this gorgeous creature  dyed her hair to match her Shibori neck scarf, or her scarf to match her hair?  Her indigo tattoo worked back so beautifully with the wall hanging …

It was at this point I think that the person in the room holding a very flash as in fancy camera, suggested that I might want to remove the lense cap. Don’t you hate that?

Shibori artists Cathy Moon and Margaret Barnett, and below, the inimitable Janet De Boer, Director of Gallery 159.

I do like a man who knows his Shibori …

However textile art  seems to be mainly women’s business.   I have a theory about the creativity and potential of women of a certain age and stage in life, and I just love to be around them.   They are so inspiring.

It makes me not too unhappy about getting older, which is just as well.  If I grow up to be like my mother …

I’ll be very happy indeed.

I almost forgot -  the lucky prize winner wearing her new Shibori scarf …

It’s  me!

(ps  excuse the double spaces – I am having computer problems today!)