January 25th, 2011 — 8:29am, 2 comments »
photo by Samuel Jesse

Sumo wrestling – not to be missed!

You may recall that last year while we were visiting son number two who lives in Beijing, son number one moved to Tokyo.  Within no time at all (with his encouragement)  we were planning a trip to visit him too.  If nothing else, we do try to be fair.  Again, my parents were keen, this time my sister and her lot wanted in on the family fun, and of course it made perfect sense for son number two to join us all while we were there. You only live once …  Done! – trip booked for January.  Slight hitch – son number one moved back to Australia late November – change of career.  You wouldn’t read about it would you?  Except for here.  So, we went without him (what else could we do?), armed with his good advice, language and sightseeing information. And on the up side (you just have to look hard enough)  he house sat and kept us informed of the local flood situation.

Having never visited before, I could see very quickly why son number one had been so taken with life in Tokyo.  It’s busy and exciting, yet manageable and easy to get around.  Most impressive were the people – so considerate, helpful and friendly.  I think for the first time ever travelling,  I wasn’t mindful of theft and never considered personal safety an issue.  We were very comfortable letting the kids (well they are teenagers) navigate around the city alone, even in the evening. Where else could that happen?