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I recently had the pleasure of taking part in Flowers, an art exhibition of flower paintings, at Black and Spiro here in Brisbane. Like everything Anna and the girls at Black and Spiro do, the opening was a charming and gorgeous affair. Fresh flowers were plentiful, the champagne was flowing and the pianist was in full swing. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the evening to share but I went back the next day with my camera to capture these.


flowersexhibition 034blog

Seeing my name on the door along with these wonderful artists was such a surprise and a thrill …



This corner is probably my favourite.  I’m in love with the chartruese sofa and the picture wall – that’s my hibiscus painting!



Purple Bougainvillea  – still available …


flowersexhibition 005a

I’ve sold all three of mine in this corner, the two on the right wall and the middle one on the left.


flowersexhibition 010a

Spring Ranunculus is sold too.



The top three are mine, and the black one, Winter Bouquet II is still for sale.  I wouldn’t be sad to have it come home to be honest, but if you’re interested, you can pop in to Black and Spiro or call on 07 32543000.  The exhibition is officially over but there are still a few available paintings in store.

True love – for Eijffinger

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I would have posted before now but I’ve been a little busy, alright, obsessed with Instagram.  Sooo distracting, but so much fun.  Have you checked out the Interiors Photo Month challenge yet?  Do.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting to share more wallpaper favourites.  You may remember back in 2010 I wallpapered my loo with a stunning floral pattern called Bindi from the Eijffinger range.  And I can honestly say that apart from my initial apprehension, it has brought a smile to my face every day, in fact, several times a day.  I just love it.  Especially with my little blue cupboard hanging on the wall.  This photos does it no justice.

But I love so many of the papers in the Eiffinger range.  In fact ‘love’ doesn’t’ really explain the depth of my feeling.  And it’s not just the wall paper, it’s the styling generally.   I drool over every single vignette/image.  Here are just some of my favourites…

Are you in love too?

The Family Love Tree

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With a name like that, whatever it is, you know you’re gonna love it.   Particularly if you’re a sucker for cane, colour and textiles like I am.   Just so you know – I bags the turquoise cane bed table below.

photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files
photographs by Derek Selwell, via The Design Files

Read more about The Family Love Tree  at The Design Files, and to see more of the stunning collection visit The Family Love Tree website where you can shop at their online store.  What more could you possibly want?

Dumpling night – a cheat’s post

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photo from Where My Heart Is

A few weeks ago when son number two and his girlfriend Wei were visiting from China, Wei decided to treat us with a sumptuous Chinese feast, featuring homemade dumplings.  It was such a fun night.  God I love having my babies home, they sure liven up the joint.  I would show you my photos of the night, but seeing as my sister Jess is the photographer, I’m sure you’d much rather see hers over at Where My Heart Is.

Christmas Joy

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Christmas Eve dinner was at my house this year.  But first, did you notice the Chinese figures on the cabinet in the background?  Here’s a close up.

Aren’t they charming?  I just love them.  They make me happy.  And I especially love them because they were a gift from Son number two and his girlfriend, who are home from China for Christmas – and for my 50th.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  But I’m adjusting.  Lovely gifts have helped a lot.

Anyway, somewhere along the way our extended family started having two Christmas dinners – a hot one with all the trimmings on Christmas Eve and  a cold one with salads, seafood and other such deliciousness on Christmas day. It spreads the festivities out a bit, and makes sense because we cook enough turkey to last both days and the rest.   The turkey cooking is men’s business actually, apart from the stuffing which is my mother’s job (that and the pumpkin pie), and is cooked in the barbie.

Many hands make light work.   One benefit of your kids growing up is that they can be useful in the kitchen, talented even.  Niece number one made the most amazing cranberry sauce (with fresh/frozen berries) infused with cinnamon and star anise.  I can’t begin to tell you how well these flavours marry with turkey.  Niece number two made her signature dish of warm beetroot, pumpkin salad with goat’s cheese and walnuts, equally stunning with turkey and the glazed ham. Their mother did a mighty fine job with her pavlova.   We decided to mix it up a bit this year and went for a lighter dessert with the heavier meal and a heavier dessert for the day time meal.  I think we got it right.

Both the dog

and his boy were in fine spirits.

A happy time was had by all.

All’s well that ends well

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It’s been one of those weeks where things just go a little hay wire.   But we’re through it and it’s all good.  I’m on that ‘thank God for the normal day’ high, you know what I mean?  Just thankful for the simple every day things you usually take for granted.  Oh to hold on to that gratitude.

The brilliant news in this neck of the woods is that the surgery to remove my Dad’s brain tumour has gone very well.  Better than expected, according to his nurse practitioner, who says he’s her star patient this week.  Apparently it’s not usual to be sitting up reading The Australian the morning after brain surgery.  It’s a long road ahead, but hallelujah.

To top it off, my Mum, who has been a little run ragged this week, as you might imagine, last night was awarded the Complex Weavers Award at the Fibre Fest – New Traditions Exhibition, currently showing at the Mt Cootha Auditorium, Brisbane.  Isn’t that great?   She contributes so much to the Arts community.  It’s nice to see her work appreciated.  As well as being a wonderful artist, she’s such a champion.

And I’m already happy just thinking about watching No 1 Ladies Detective Agency tomorrow night.  I’m a big fan of Alexander McCall Smith,  particularly this series, and I can’t believe how well it’s been transported to the screen.  It’s aesthetically delightful from start to finish,  portrays Africa beautifully,  and captures the inherent ‘goodness’ and uplifting spirit of the books.  As my friend Nonie says, ‘they take you to a better place’.    So does the film version.

And speaking of  a better place, I was determined, for once, to have this home in a little better shape before David gets back for the week end.  That was my task for the morning, and instead, here I am blogging.  Displacement activity you think?

Ladies No 1 Detective Agency, ABC1  – Sunday 8.30pm

I’m a mummy blogger too

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Occasionally I get a little frustrated by the number of blogs, really good blogs, that focus on life with young children.  I’m just not that interested.  I can’t relate.   Don’t get me wrong,  I’m all for mummy bloggers. I’d be one too, but my children have grown up, well almost, and they can read my posts.  I’ve moved on, or rather, life has.

But at times, like today,  these very same blogs touch me deeply.  They take me to a place and a time where my heart was so full.  I want to go back…

Baby number one – an original polaroid shot!

Babies one, two and three …

Number one, aged three years says -  I’m not gonna be goldilocks, I’m just gonna be an ordinary boy.

Never…  He always liked a project – from building lego houses to brick ones. Really.  He still does.

Number two was a little more cruisy.

A dreamer … Aside from tights, he loved his skinny jeans and high tops.  Still does.

Double trouble …

But killer smiles that break my heart.

And then there were three…

Number three loved nothing more than hanging out with his bros, and still does.

He was well trained in the art of marthon television viewing,


and gaming.

Skills he works hard to retain.  They also taught him how to breakdance and snowboard.

Number three’s other childhood loves were his dog

and his soccer.

They still are.  He does seem to have lost interest in dance performance with his cousins though.  Such a shame really.  I think he showed talent.  Don’t you?