Kitchen/Dining ‘before and after’

December 13th, 2010 — 7:10am, 10 comments »

Finally …

This was the kitchen when we first moved in earlier this year.  Not only did I think I could  live with it, but I quite liked it and I can’t say that about many kitchens.  It seemed small but functional, and I was all for downsizing  – you know, a simpler life (ha!).  Real wood cupboards and bench tops, old enamel sink and taps, the original stove  (no exhaust fan) – very quaint, and I do like quaint.  At least I thought I did …   Until I had nowhere to put things, the stove was a nightmare to use – impossible to control heat, and the enamel (cracked) sink began to leak, oh and I realized I had very little lighting.

That’s where I started.  I had five down lights and a pendant light installed so we could see.  Then, though you can’t really tell in the photos, the putty coloured walls,  were painted white (as was the rest of the house. And don’t get me started on how to choose the right white?)  I also decided pretty quickly that I really didn’t like the floor tiles and that I needed black and white linoleum tiles – badly.  No small feat however – as you may recall.  This was also the logical time to get a new stove, one that I could cook on.

Looks better already …

I can honestly say that I tried to live with the silky oak cupboards.  I really did.  After all  Silky Oak is a Queensland timber.  The thing is, I really don’t like Silky Oak, and the minute the cupboards were painted white, the whole room opened up.  It looked clean, fresh and much bigger.  I could breathe!

The more recent addition of my new round table has also made all the difference.  What do you think?

Do you like my knobs?  They’re the ones I ordered from Anthropologie (and unlike my shoes, they fit.)  I’m pretty thrilled with them.  They’re even better than I imagined.  Here’s a closer look …

And here’s the new ceramic sink and mixers – I did want to keep the old taps but they didn’t fit and I’m quite glad to have a few things shiny and new.

I’m very happy …

Of course all of this didn’t address the lack of storage, but a few pieces of freestanding furniture – plus converting an alcove in the landing adjacent to the kitchen/dining room into a cupboard -  have done wonders.  So has chucking out heaps of stuff I might add.

It looks better in real life, but check out the knobs! (and they’re not from Anthropologie – I bought them down the road at Lily G!).

My very useful kitchen dresser and storage baskets …

Now for a few more close ups …

And before I bore you senseless, I’ll quit.  That’s all folks!

P. S.  Thought you might like to see the old stove where it now lives on the deck.


August 9th, 2010 — 9:03am, 5 comments »

Woo hoo!  My kitchen lino (not to be confused with vinyl) tiles finally have arrived …  and I love them. And, I am not going to bore you with the four month fiasco tile story, how I received the wrong ones – twice –  after the existing ceramic tiles had been jackhammered off,  the  five visits to complete the job satisfactorily, the baaaaad attitude of the local supplier …  all’s well that ends well right?

My new linoleum tiles are slightly marbled black and cream – perfect because they don’t show every crumb, speck of dust, dirt, dog hair and school shoe scuff.  Unlike the previous ceramic tiles they are extremely comfortable under foot.  What’s more, Lino is  a sound ecological and health choice.  It’s made fr0m natural renewable raw materials and is considered non allergenic.  What’s not to like?

PS  I am not sponsored by the lino company, really.