A Family Affair

July 29th, 2010 — 9:07am, 2 comments »

While seeing my wallpaper everyday does bring a smile to my face – mostly – I have to say the greatest joy was in the ‘doing’ – the project.  Lucky for me, it was a group or rather family affair. My mother is a ‘doer’ and a maker - I can’t think of much she can’t do or anything she won’t tackle.  So when I get overwhelmed by a project, need help, or just want to have some fun, I ring Mum.  I mustn’t leave my father out here.  Nothing much he can’t do either.  He often brings the tools, is the voice of reason, and comes up with some nifty solutions …  (And he’s also got a ute!)

Like most projects, this little one had its challenges – one being working around the old toilet (we couldn’t remove the cistern, and my uncooperative plumber Michael doesn’t appear to be available for these kinds of emergencies 24/7). Monday arrived and I got Michael to come and remove the whole thing so that I could paper the back wall before he put the brand new shiny toilet in.  This worked a treat and I was very proud of the neatish hole I made to allow for the pipes to go through the wall. 

Problem was, the new toilet wasn’t the same as the old – no wall pipe! ugggggh.