August 9th, 2010 — 9:03am, 5 comments »

Woo hoo!  My kitchen lino (not to be confused with vinyl) tiles finally have arrived …  and I love them. And, I am not going to bore you with the four month fiasco tile story, how I received the wrong ones – twice –  after the existing ceramic tiles had been jackhammered off,  the  five visits to complete the job satisfactorily, the baaaaad attitude of the local supplier …  all’s well that ends well right?

My new linoleum tiles are slightly marbled black and cream – perfect because they don’t show every crumb, speck of dust, dirt, dog hair and school shoe scuff.  Unlike the previous ceramic tiles they are extremely comfortable under foot.  What’s more, Lino is  a sound ecological and health choice.  It’s made fr0m natural renewable raw materials and is considered non allergenic.  What’s not to like?

PS  I am not sponsored by the lino company, really.