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In case you haven’t heard, my friend Jane’s new online store Velvet Lane is up and running here.   This is just one of the to-die-for, one-off pieces in the furniture collection.  Do you love it?  Me too.  Velvet Lane is about high quality designer fashion – 36 collections in total,  cutting edge art and furniture, home ware and luxury items.  Douglas and Hope,  Megan Park cushions,  Pedro Garcia shoes, Juliette Has a Gun fragrance, and much much more.

It’s a gorgeous site – easy to navigate, inspiring design, eye candy galore.  There’s  lots to lust after.

Remember, you saw it first at My Pink Door.

 (photos by Megan Cook)

Nothing like old friends…

March 2nd, 2011 — 10:28am, 4 comments »

And I don’t mean old as in aged – even if we were celebrating a 50th – I mean friends you have known for a long time.  In this case – 34 years.  A few weeks ago, I met up in Melbourne with two of my dear (old) high school buddies for a weekend – four nights to be precise – of catching up, debriefing, workshopping, reminiscing – photos and all, while simultaneously shopping, eating, drinking, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves in this fabulous city.  Yes, we have seen each other during the last 34 years, (most notably at the official 30th high school reunion we’re trying to forget) but with Sarah living in Ireland, and Barb and I in various locations around Australia, this was a pretty special occasion.  I even stayed up past midnight!

Despite a little dispute with a bad-attitude-waiter-in-a-cafe-to-be-avoided about gluten free food and rudeness (not mine!) – the weekend was perfect.   A point of interest – did you know that the term semolina derives from the ancient Latin ‘simila’ – meaning flour? Not that the waiter was interested …  Google is one of the few things I do know how to use on my iPhone, and in case my kids ever read my blog, yes boys it was turned on and charged thank you very much.

Apart from the good company we thoroughly enjoyed exploring Melbourne’s laneways …

a bit of shopping at SHAG – vintage clothing boutique, Collins Street …

Chinese massage in Flinders Street …

dinner at Movida’s Next Door …

and feasting on Holy Goat Cheese, Sicilian olives and salami from the Vic Markets.

Could it get any better?


November 1st, 2010 — 8:50pm, 8 comments »

We all know that shopping doesn’t make us happy, right?  Well not really happy in a long term, meaningful way.  But what if it’s loads of fun, and can make us happy even for a little while, in a superficial way?  I’ll buy that.   Sounds like retail therapy…

For my money, online shopping has to be the most fun – and the most convenient way to do it. But not only is it fun and convenient, it’s exciting.   Apart from the thrill of buying something you know not everyone else has – like something hand made and unique from Etsy (especially fabulous because everything is always wrapped so beautifully and sent with personal hand written well wishes) – it’s the anticipation …  Waiting for that package, that special thing that will change your life, to arrive. I like to think that given my maturity, I appreciate the factor of delayed gratification.  For an international purchase (and they are very exciting) you have to wait at least a whole week before it actually arrives.  Then there’s the risk involved.   Oh yes, there are huge risks.  Will I like it, will it fit, will it even resemble the photograph of whatever I fell in love with? 

Well two out of three ain’t bad…  Today in the post I received this lovely package – from Anthropologie

Want to see inside? I know you do…

Are they not the sweetest, cutest shoes you have ever seen?  I just love them – the detail – look at that inner sole …

I’m not very good at taking self portraits…

but, the good news is they’re really really comfy,

the bad news is – that’s ’cause they’re too big!

While I wait for my feet to grow, I think they look pretty good in my bedroom. 

Alternatively, if you need a little ‘happiness’ in your life and you’re a size 39, (a largish 8 I think) – you can contact me by leaving a message after the post or send me an email at My Pink Door.

One step forward, two steps back – Confessions of a Collector

September 30th, 2010 — 10:31pm, 8 comments »

A few days ago I heard the comedian Corrine Grant talking on Radio National about her new book, Lessons on Letting Go – Confessions of a Hoarder. I like to think of myself as more of a collector but nevertheless my interest was piqued.  So much so that as I was packing to come down to Canberra for the week I threw in the book my thoughtful number one son had given me for Christmas, Sorted – The ultimate guide to organizing your life – once and for all by Lissanne Oliver. 

I was aware that of late I had started to pick up the odd bit of furniture – again – the odd piece de resistance that I didn’t need or have room for but liked, that I could see potential in.  The problem being, I had a truck load or two of the very same when we arrived from Canberra eight months ago to our new, much smaller house in Queensland, and I’ve been trying to get rid of it all ever since.  I vowed my collecting days were over.  I wanted to travel lightly through life, free of excess baggage – I still do.   But then I found my local demolition/collectables centre – and what a find that’s been.

Anyway, I have been reading Sorted and can’t wait to get home and get sorted.  Really.  It makes so much sense.  When you get something new, throw something old out, that way things don’t ever get out of hand, apparently.  Of course there’s much more to it but I have to read more.

So renewed is my commitment to getting sorted that when my husband suggests after dinner that we stroll around to our favourite book store, I decline.  “No, I have lots of books at home I haven’t read yet,” I tell him.  (We have also given away enough books in the past 6 months to start a second hand book shop, which I’m now thinking mightn’t have been such a bad idea.) “Too bad, it’s our tradition,” he says.  And he’s right, it is, or it was.  Going there after dinner was also one of the great pleasures of our life.  How could I refuse? “OK, let’s go and just look,” I say.  

Five books later we are ready to leave. I knew this would happen – it always did.  Mind you, they’re not all for me.  David chose the latest Martin Cruz Smith – an Arkady Renko novel set in Russia, and we both love this series, well we collect it actually.  Conor chose Reckless by Cornelia Funke but I would have bought him anything with words.  He is not what you’d call an avid reader – what were the chances of that?  I decided to grab Stephanie Dowrick’s Choosing Happiness because I’ve been meaning to for a while, and could not have left the store without the new Isabel Dalhousie novel by Alexander McCall Smith.  Such warm, feel-good stories.   Last but not least, how could I not pick up a copy of Lessons in Letting Go?  I’ll let you know how I go.

Hidden Treasure in Toowoomba

September 26th, 2010 — 7:37am, 7 comments »

When I asked Mel if he would mind me taking some photos of his kitchen shop and writing about it on my blog, he wasn’t a bit surprised.  “Oh yes, lots of people have done stories on me” he said.  “The university even made a movie about my shop a few years ago – for a competition – don’t know how they did with it …”  So, I’m not the first to be taken with Mel Martin’s Kitchen and Gift Shop.   This place is amazing.

Mel has been in kitchenware for 48 years, and what he doesn’t know about bone china, pots and pans, asian steamers, european gadgets, and anything else you can think of for the kitchen, probably isn’t worth knowing.  His shop is a treasure trove filled with vintage, everyday and state of the art cooking ware.  You might have to dig a little, but it’s well worth the effort.  If you’re looking for something specific, this is where you’ll find it and what’s more, Mel’ll know exactly where.

For years my mother bought  pressure cooker valves from Mel to send down to me in Canberra.   When I couldn’t find them anywhere, she said she knew who’d have them.  Sure enough …   Today in his shop, I remembered I needed a lid seal.   Mel described in detail the variations in seals, but I couldn’t even remember the brand of my cooker. I’m going to ring with the details, he said he’ll have it.

Next time you’re in Toowoomba, stop in and visit Mel. His shop is located in Margaret Street but I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding him.  When I asked for a business card, he scribbled his name and number on a bit of paper and said “this is all you need – I’m famous”.  What a treasure!