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Coffee Agroecology

RRP $473.99

Based on principles of the conservation and optimization of biodiversity and of equity and sustainability, this book focuses on the ecology of the coffee agroecosystem as a model for a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. It draws on the authors' own research conducted over the last twenty years as well as incorporating the vast literature that has been generated on coffee agroecosystems from around the world.

The book uses an integrated approach that weaves together various lines of research to understand the ecology of a very diverse tropical agroforestry system. Key concepts explored include biodiversity patterns, metapopulation dynamics and ecological networks. These are all set in a socioeconomic and political framework which relates them to the realities of farmers' livelihoods.

The authors provide a novel synthesis that will generate new understanding and can be applied to other examples of sustainable agriculture and food production. This synthesis also explains the ecosystem services provided by the approach, including the economic, fair trade and political aspects surrounding this all-important global commodity.

A Little Coffee Cookbook

RRP $17.99

From its origins as a kind of wine made from fermented bean pulp, to the coffee houses of the eighteenth century, to today, coffee has exercised a fascination for those who enjoy its varying tastes which depend on the places where it is grown, the varieties of bean, and the type of roast. This delightful little book explores coffee's history, cultivation and variety while also offering recipes that include it as an ingredient, such as Coffee and Chestnut Pat?, Lamb roasted with Coffee, Coffee Cheesecake, and the wonderful after-dinner drinks made with various spirits and liqueurs. illustrated

Reflections In A Cup Of Coffee

RRP $13.99

Selected from a body of work spanning several decades Reflections in a Cup of Coffee focuses on the age old topics of love, lost, and self discovery. Utilizing a rainbow of configurations Philip P. Gebbia most often attempts to capture a fleeting moment in time tickling the reader's imagination. He dares you to bring your own box of crayons. Randall Jarrell. William Carlos Williams, Richard Brautigan, and Jim Carroll have often been cited by Mr. Gebbia as literary influences. Yet, it was his friendship with the great Dominican poet Diogenes Nina and the late "Beat" poet Ted Joans which fostered the continual pursuit of the creative arts.


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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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