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Design Through Dialogue - A Guide For Architects And Clients

RRP $241.99

Completed projects receive more public attention than the process of their creation and so the myth that architects design buildings alone lives on. In fact, architects work with a great many others and the relationships that develop, particularly with clients, have a significant impact on design. <i>Design through Dialogue</i> explores the relationship between client and architect through the lens of four overlapping activities that occur during any project: relating, talking, exploring and transforming. <p> <p> Cases of design and collaboration range from smaller scale retail, residential and educational projects in the US, Sweden, the UK and the Pacific Rim to large institutions, including Seattle&#8217;s Central Library, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, the Supreme Court in Jerusalem and the Museum of New Zealand. Material is taken from interviews with clients and architects and research in psychotherapy, group dynamics and design studies. Throughout the book aspects of process are linked to design outcomes to illustrate how architects and clients collaborate creatively. <p>

Train The Trainer: Instructional Design And Implementation

RRP $340.99

Ensure your instructional design is ready for today s world. Today s employees expect to use the digital and social tools they rely on outside work to learn, engage, and collaborate in their professional lives. Ensure you reach trainees and make learning stick by understanding and harnessing these tools yourself. Volume 2 paves the way and keeps you current on the fundamentals of training design and implementation imperative today. Featuring essential new issues, along with evergreen material from some of TD at Work s most popular issues, volume 2 of Train the Trainer, Instructional Design and Implementation: The Tools for Creating a Training Curriculum, provides the tools and techniques trainers need to design and implement their training solution. The volume comes complete with job aids, case studies, and references. The collection includes 15 TD at Work and Infoline issues, including: The Basics of ISD Revisited Lesson Design and Development Applying Learning Theory to Mobile Learning Designing for Informal Learning Creating Training Manuals Agile and LLAMA for ISD Project Management Using Video in E-Learning. About TD at Work Volumes Volumes contain the most popular TD at Work issues about a talent development process and can be purchased separately or as part of ATD s four-volume set. Each volume includes 15 issues, is available in print or PDF format, and serves as a solid foundation for any training department or trainer. The four-volume set consists of 72 percent new content since 2012."

Sales Force Design For Strategic Advantage

RRP $271.99

This book focuses upon the role of the sales force in today's changing world and how to design a sales force for strategic advantage. It includes sections on how to assess the current sales force design and how to implement change and covers customer segmentation, market strategy, structuring and sizing, alignment, metrics and managing change.


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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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Interior Design Coffee Flowers
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