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A Course In Lens Design

RRP $113.95

A Course in Lens Design is an instruction in the design of image-forming optical systems. It teaches how a satisfactory design can be obtained in a straightforward way. Theory is limited to a minimum, and used to support the practical design work. The book introduces geometrical optics, optical instruments and aberrations. It gives a description of the process of lens design and of the strategies used in this process. Half of its content is devoted to the design of sixteen types of lenses, described in detail from beginning to end. This book is different from most other books on lens design because it stresses the importance of the initial phases of the design process: (paraxial) lay-out and (thin-lens) pre-design. The argument for this change of accent is that in these phases much information can be obtained about the properties of the lens to be designed. This information can be used in later phases of the design. This makes A Course in Lens Design a useful self-study book and a suitable basis for an introductory course in lens design. The mathematics mainly used is college algebra, in a few sections calculus is applied. The book could be used by students of engineering and technical physics and by engineers and scientists.

Designing Profits

RRP $409.99

A successful design practice requires principals and staff who are creative, technically proficient, and financially savvy.Designing Profits focuses on the last component-the one that is so elusive for many architects, engineers, and construction professionals-the business aspects of practice.

Not an ordinary book on practice issues or finance, Designing Profits explains the application of design thinking to guide wise business decisions. It is indeed possible to be as creative in establishing and operating a practice as in designing and constructing a building. The book offers comprehensive guidance and objective tools for design professionals to reap financial rewards from their practices, and to discover innovative strategies to become entrepreneurial and implement creative practice models.

An extended case study is woven throughout the book. Witness the trials and tribulations of Michelangelo & Brunelleschi Architects as they engage problematic clients, tight project budgets and schedules, low fees and insufficient profits, marketing issues, quirky staff, technology upgrades, and growth, among other difficult challenges. This mythical firm, a composite of several real-life practices, navigates through these various dilemmas, providing readers with insights into superior financial management and a reimagined services portfolio.

Systematic Mechanic Designing

RRP $262.99

Starting with a brief discussion of the product realization process, Systematic Mechanical Designing explores the importance of systematic designing and of estimating costs during the design process -- when they can be controlled most effectively. With 11 chapters, 9 appendices, plus figures, tables, and examples.

By examining the need to develop better methods to forecast costs at the planning and conceptual design stage, this book helps the designer calculate not only physical properties, such as strength and wear, but also the costs. It provides design methods as well as cost models used for different types of products and at different stages of the design process. It supplies examples of models based on operations, weight, material, throughput parameters, physical relationships, regression analysis, and similarity laws.


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